Top 6 pranks to pull on your Apprentice 😂👷👷‍♀️

Top 6 pranks to pull on your Apprentice 😂👷👷‍♀️

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This week we wrote a blog for you pranksters out there. We know how much fun it can be to taunt and tease the new recruits.

🐦 The Wild Goose Chase  

This is a common one but still very funny nonetheless. A few of my favourites are asking the apprentice to go to the store room and look for a replacement bubble for the spirit level, look for a glass hammer, striped paint or a bucket of steam. You can also ask your apprentice to go and pick up a long wait (weight) – this one is a favourite amongst all members of the trade

💪 The Strength test

This one can be a bit cruel but very funny. Ask your apprentice if they can throw a bag of cement over their head. Once they hold the bag over their head, cut it. The cement will go all over them – this one is sure to get a good laugh on site! 😂

🏃‍♂️Bump starting a disc cutter

Tell your apprentice the disc cutter needs a running start. Have them running down a hill and laugh at the confused look on their faces when the disc cutter wont start

👨‍🏭 The helper trick 

Don’t tell the apprentice who the boss is or what they look like. Tell the apprentice there’s a person coming in to help out for the day and to give them things to do. When the boss arrives, the apprentice will start giving them menial tasks causing an unhappy boss.

🔧 Tricking plumbers 

Fill up a bottle of water. And every so often, pour a bit of water under the stub outs. Watch the plumber as they frantically try to stop the leak. A few minutes later let them know what you’ve done

🚙 Wheelbarrow proficiency test 

We found this one on YouTube and found it hilarious. Tell your apprentice that they must pass a wheel barrow proficiency test. Make them drive the wheelbarrow around site. Fill it with water and tell them they cant drop any water out. Instruct them that they must do 3 point turns and reversing around the corner. Hilarious. 


"Thanks for reading! if you try any of these out let us know in the comments below!" 


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