Our story


Founded in 2013, Recoil Kneepads are a game changing pair of kneepads for the professional trades and construction industry. Often described as like ‘kneeling on a cloud’, this kneepad was designed by the daughter of a Carpenter, Gordon Hamilton, who was suffering from arthritis. Gordon had complained of severe pain and discomfort in his knees and had been unable to find suitable kneepads on the market. His daughter, a product designer, was inspired to develop a solution to aid her Dad at work and allow him to continue in the occupation he loves and has known all his life.




Our business

We are a premium brand with a unique knee pad offering. Our product has been carefully engineered by a professional team of product and biomechanical engineers to develop a solution which is Engineered to Protect. We take great pride in every product we sell; each product is packaged and shipped by hand, from one of our team here in Glasgow.

We also take great pride in offering a 1st class customer experience and service. When a customer chooses Recoil we want to make your experience and interactions with us as enjoyable as possible. If you have any issues at all with your kneepads, get in touch with us, and rest assured we will go out our way to resolve any issues you may have. This product was developed out of a genuine need, and it is now our mission to ensure this product has the biggest impact it can possibly have on those that need it the most.

Our team shares a common passion and drive for making a positive impact in the world. We want to deliver a solution that mobilises our customers; improving their working lives and ultimately improving their personal lives. 

Why Choose Us?

Quality has always been at our core. We want our products to last whilst being used every day and understand the importance of keeping our body safe and healthy to enable us to continue to get the most out of each day. To ensure the highest quality, we manufacture in the UK and directly manage the entire product development and production process – from the first sketch right through to packaging.

We want to make sure you find a solution that works for you and are always open to hearing your thoughts, suggestions and ideas to ensure we best serve you in the way you deserve. We are committed to going above and beyond to find a solution that works for you. Many of our accessories have been developed in line with customer suggestions and requests.

We are proud to say that we assemble and package our products right here in Glasgow, Scotland.