Recoil Knee Pads (3rd Gen.)

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Our flagship product; a pair of heavy-duty, joint-protecting kneepads that will reduce the risk of knee damage. A must have for anyone who works on their knees.

✓  Patented Spring Loaded Impact System - The only kneepads in the world to use a coil spring pressure reduction system.
- Scientifically Proven to reduce pressure on the knees by 76%
- Spring system allows the kneepad to pivot, making it easier to move across a floor.

✓ Ultra Soft & Secure Fit Straps  - Soft, secure straps that won’t dig in and don’t chafe.

✓ Suitable for numerous occupations - tilers, floor layers, roofers, joiners and anyone on their knees for prolonged periods

Extend the life of your kneepads by selecting from a range of accessories available which can be purchased separately - Floor Covers, Replacement Foam & Straps, & Drawstring bags for convenient storage.

 ✓ 1-year warranty - protected against mechanical failure. If it breaks we will fix it.*

✓ 60 Day Money Back Guarantee - Buy them, Try them. Don’t like them? Return them within 60 days for a full money back refund**

✓ Designed and manufactured in the UK


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Your Recoil Kneepads have 2 elastic straps that wrap around your leg. The bottom one will sit at the top of your calf, and the top one will rest around the top of the thigh. If you haven't worn kneepads like ours before, they will take a bit of getting used to - although once you understand how they work, you should have no problems.

That's a good question. We completed a study with The University of Strathclyde's Biomedical Engineering department which revealed that not only did our kneepads rank number 1 for reducing pressure on your knee joints (compared with competitors kneepads at that time), but they were able to spread the pressure evenly across the knee which helps further protect your knees against pressure induced injuries such as osteoarthritis, bursitis and meniscal wear and tear.
Any job that requires prolonged kneeling - that's what these kneepads were made for. Whether you are in the construction industry, do personal DIY jobs or spend a lot of time on your knees in the garden - if you are kneeling, then you can wear our kneepads. Our customers so far have been using them for: Tiling Gardening Floorlaying (Wood/Safety/Screed/Concrete) Decking Flat Roofing Painting and Decorating Driveways and Paving Plumbing and Gas Engineering Carpentry/Woodwork Welding ...and many more.
We use our unique patent-pending Recoil™Technology that utilises a 6 spring suspension system. How does that help make kneeling safer? It reduces peak pressure on your knee joints and the circular arrangement allows you to pivot in any direction without losing your stability on the ground. This is the fundamental feature that separates Recoil Kneepads from our competitors - and is the reason why you'll feel more protected wearing our kneepads.
Yes, we ship to anywhere in the world. Because we are based in the UK, we offer free delivery in the UK. However, for international orders, we offer a highly discounted shipping rate to try and make sure that anyone can purchase a set of kneepads without paying too much for shipping. Standard International shipping will usually take between 5-7 days.
Yes, our kneepads are a universal size. These kneepads were built with the construction industry in mind, which means they were built to withstand constant use on the toughest terrains. Our adjustable velcro straps allow you to fit them to your leg size. It is a difficult challenge to try and make a one size fits all kneepads, but with our future customisations - that shouldn't be too far away.
If you have a problem, either buying directly from Recoil or any third parties, email us at and we will happily sort out your issue as quickly as possible.
Yes you can actually. If you want to clean out any dirt, adhesives or sticky stuff from the front pad, we suggest getting as much of it off as possible and then you can use a heavy duty cleaning wipe to take away some of the leftovers. If that fails, a hot and soapy sponge should get some of it off. As for the foam pads, we recommend hand washing them in the sink and allow them to hang dry. Do not tumble dry or machine wash the foam pads and straps.
Yes they are. The foam pads and straps are replaceable. We sell replacement sets on our website if you ever need a new set. If you think anything else needs replaced on your set, just get in touch with us at and we will resolve your issue as quickly as possible.
The foam pads are made of a High Density EVA. You get 1/2 inch of foam plus a comfort layer of neoprene over the top. The kneepads chassis is made from a near bulletproof polymer and the springs a stainless steel. When it comes to the assembly of the kneepads, we take care of that i house to ensure quality is preserved so that you get the best set of kneepads we can give you.
Many kneepads on the market will sacrifice comfort for protection or vice versa. Recoil Kneepads were made to ensure you get the best possible protection from our suspension technology and that you are still comfortable when you kneel - making for far superior kneeling experience. Some of our customers have been using their kneepads for 2 years straight, 6 days a week, and their sets are still protecting them as well as they did on day one.
Your Recoil Kneepads will come in a cardboard box if ordered from ourselves or on Amazon. As well as your kneepads, you also get a Recoil bag that you can carry your set around in so that they are easy to store away and easy to spot in your van/shed/loft.
Ofcourse. We operate a 60 day money back guarantee on our products, no questions asked (although we'd love to chat to you and find out if we could help). In the unlikely event that you find your Recoil Kneepads aren't for you, if you return them to us within 60 days of the initial payment, we'll offer you a full refund.

Customer Reviews

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andrew Farquhar
Prolonged hard surface kneeling made very comfortable wearing Recoil Knee Pads

Very Comfortable.
I have a bad knee and have trouble getting up when in the kneeling position,
the Recoil knee pads certainly made it so much easier and also gave hour couple of hours of comfort whilst tiling my first floor

Norma Matheson
Excellent Quality

We bought recoil kneepads for our team and they are all impressed with the comfort and quality of the product.

Anthony Cole

Recoil Knee Pads (3rd Gen.)

Floyd Russell
Protecting my Knees.

My only complaint is that the straps should be made
In shorter sizes, to facilitate pepole with small legs otherwise it dose what it says on the Tin..! A great addition to your tool box.👍🏾

George Mitchell
Superb product

This is a George Mitchell owner and proprietor of Ceramicare Tiling, having been in the tiling trade from apprentice right thru to tradesman..for 35 years I have as you can imagine built up a huge dearth of knowledge regarding all things tiling, from tiles, materials and tools,
I have watched my trade develope and change for the better over this time frame, in particular the tool kit that is now available to us tiles.
I have, as you can imagine spent 35 years on my poor poor knees..
And the knee pads that have traditionally been available have not been fit for purpose, believe me when I say that after using and persisting with the likes of Rubi, Sigma, DeWalt, Air gel knee pads these bad boys are the best I have ever came across...The difference in my knees by the end if the week is quite remarkable..
At this point I would also like to make a special mention about the after sales service @ Recoil, provided by Vicky, on the few occasions I have had to ask for additional thinner
velcro straps, nothing has been to much trouble for her, and I am dealt with promptly and effectively leaving me one happy camper..
At this juncture I would also like to bring to your attention the price of this product..Do not be put off by this...Let me explain.
I am now onto my 3rd pair covering the last 3 years, for those out there that can't work that out, that's 1 pair a year, normally, let's say your using Rubi's Air foam pads, well as you know these pads will always break thru at the loop part, where the strap meets the pad, meaning even tho the Rubi's are cheaper, i have found myself having to buy 2 pairs a year, making it a false economy...
So guys and girls out there thinking about getting these knee pads, do not delay, make your purchase now, it really will make a difference to the wear and tear on your knees, I promise you..
Now enjoy spending 6/7 hours on your knees..
Kindest regards
George Mitchell
Ceramicare Tiling