Things you should know before you become a Tradesman

Things you should know before you become a Tradesman

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You will become known as the “handyman” to all your friends and family…beware


“Can you pop round to have a look at…” all becomes a little too common! Tradesmen don’t remember asking their friends to work for free?!

What is a 9-5 job???


Tradesmen can all agree that the unpredictable hours are challenging at times. The job can run over and take longer than expected and throw things out of schedule. But we know their passion and dedication makes it all worthwhile.


Protect your knees


We’ve all heard of builder’s bum… (and some may be a culprit) but have you heard of builder’s knee?

Builders knee or commonly known as “housemaids’ knee” is known as, Prepatellar bursitis. One of the main causes of the condition is repetitive pressure such as, leaning on your knees when tiling, painting or fitting carpets. This pressure causes the bursa, a sac at the front of the knee to become inflamed, resulting in pain and swelling of the kneecap. Unfortunately, this can often result in valuable time being taken off from work and in the long-term, leading to knee-replacements.

 So you’re probably wondering, how do we prevent builders’ knee?

Taking care of your body is something that should be taken seriously, especially as a tradesman. Having proper PPE such as, knee pads can stop the condition in its track! Here at recoil we are dedicated to protecting knees and improving working lives.


An important message to learn right from the offset is to look after your knees! Don’t learn the hard way.


Nothing beats the satisfaction from a job well done


Even though the hours are long and changeable, that feeling after producing work your proud of along with the smile of your customer is unbeatable, which is why they get up the next day and do it all over again! (after putting a picture of your work on your Instagram account of course!)


Tradesmen have a passion for their job and we know you wouldn’t change a thing about it! What did you wish you knew before you started out as a tradesman?  

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