It’s Beginning to look a lot like a Digital Christmas

It’s Beginning to look a lot like a Digital Christmas

The air is getting colder, shopping centers are blasting Mariah Carey tunes and people are purchasing face masks to match their Christmas jumper. Yup, it’s nearly that time of year again! Last December if you had said we would be spending Christmas in a pandemic I think most would have laughed. But in what is being branded as a “digital Christmas”, this years festivities might be a little different than what we’re used to. We are taking a look at what a digital Christmas might look like.

 1. Wave goodbye to Christmas cards

With fears that Covid-19 can linger on physical items for a few days, it is no surprise that some people may feel uncomfortable receiving physical Christmas cards this year. However, this may just be an excuse for those who want to save some money this festive season. I mean, Christmas cards are expensive, right? Considering a post onto someone’s Facebook wall is free, do not be surprised if Aunt Linda sends you a loving e-card onto your Facebook wall this year. Let’s just hope your mates don’t see it…

 2. Christmas work night outs made even more awkward

Workplace nights out are notorious breeding grounds for awkward interactions and conversations you could probably do without. You may get on with your work mates at work, but outside in the real world it can be a whole different kettle of fish. The pubs may be closed but that’s where Zoom comes into play. Welcome to sitting in a video call with 20 other drunk people all talking over each other. If you’re looking for a good way out of it: a hammer to the webcam usually does the trick. Don’t say we’re not good to you!

3. Swapping Christmas markets for browsing Amazon in your bed

 With infection rates growing it seems like the best way to avoiding the virus is by never leaving your house...again. And if you are the type of person who hates Christmas songs on loop and fighting over the last Playstation 5 in the shop cause you left your Christmas shopping way too late (again!) this probably sounds ideal to you. This year it looks like you will have not much of a choice but to shop from the comfort of your own bed. Amazon will be your best friend this Christmas as it looks like this is where most people will do their shopping over the next month and a half. We know how overwhelming online shopping can be overwhelming at times with pages and pages of offers. We want to help our followers out and recommend some products we have our eye on this Christmas

OVOS Work Gloves

These gloves are made from 100% high grade stainless steel. They are not only highly durable and able to resist cuts from even the sharpest blades, but they’re pretty comfortable too. Ideal when slicing up the turkey round the dinner table too!



 Anti-Cut Gloves

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Milk Chocolate DIY Tools

 Your parents might be useless with a hammer and your mate might be the biggest spanner you know. Whether they know how to use the tools or not, chances are they won’t mind if they come in chocolate form. In fact, we reckon they will love you for it! If not, then more chocolate for you on Christmas morning!

chocolate tools

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Recoil Kneepads

Of course, we cannot recommend our highly popular knee pads enough! Customers of all shapes and sizes love our product. Whether it be someone who enjoys a bit of DIY, wants to maintain their garden over the winter months (or in prep for spring!) or those who work in construction. It’s important to look after your knees and with our unique recoil 6 spring technology, our kneepads are going to make any job a lot more comfortable!

 Recoil Knee Pads


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