Attending the National Hardware Show 2020 - from home!

Attending the National Hardware Show 2020 - from home!

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Covid-19 has completely stolen the feeling of any sort of normality this year. It’s hard to think of something that hasn’t been affected by the pandemic. Nights out at the pub turned into awkward drinking games over Zoom, toilet roll was in higher demand than any new iPhone launch ever was and DIY became a nations favourite pastime. 


Sometimes it feels like the world is at a stand still. But for us, that’s not been the case at all. It’s been business as normal for us at Recoil. Okay, maybe not completely normal - but Covid-19 did not stop us from attending the National Hardware Show 2020. Usually we would be hopping on a plane to Las Vegas to attend the trade show, where the event is normally held. But this year the NHS (National Hardware Show) has gone completely virtual.


We are a little sad to not be joining  everyone in sunny Vegas like previous years - which would have been a wonderful break from the impending Scottish winter! But we’re also relieved we don’t have to sit on a plane for 10 hours. If we really wanted to we could have attended this event from the comfort of our bed! We did try and keep it as professional as possible though.  This year we swapped our 30kg of promo material and stand equipment, for a laptop, notepad and cup of tea from the living room!


The National Hardware Show 2020 meant we attended meetings and talks with people over a webcam. We are so used to being on our feet for 3 days straight that it was hard to imagine speaking to other individuals in the industry at our desks. It was an interesting approach to take in this new world, and a massive learning curve for both exhibitors and attendees alike.


Lets hope we will be able to attend the event in person next year! But until then, thank you to everyone that reached out to us and we look forward to discussing future partnerships even more!


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