How to Build a Brand Around Your Construction Company

How to Build a Brand Around Your Construction Company

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Setting out on your own and starting up a business can be incredibly exciting –– but also somewhat daunting. You have the knowledge, the experience, the tools and the determination to make the company work. If this is your first independent business venture, however, you may have less experience figuring out how to build a brand. This is a significant hurdle, because establishing a recognisable and reputable brand is essential to your success.

Establishing your brand enables you to connect with your target audience, and allows you to market your company effectively. It elevates your credibility, and may well help you to secure future opportunities for your fledgling company. With all of this in mind, we’ve outlined some tips on how to go about building a brand for your very own construction company.

 Brand Values

 Firstly, you should figure out what your brand values are. And remember, as an independent business, you have full control over these decisions! What’s important to you? What do you want to stand for? Considering questions like these helps you to piece together what potential customers are going to view your company as. Discovering what matters to you and what you hope to deliver is also crucial because now, more so than ever before, consumers are seeking connections to brands they're considering purchasing from. People don't just want products and services; they want to feel good about where they're getting those products and services from. So as you go about considering your values, factor in the idea of giving consumers something to relate to.

Brand Identity

 Your visual branding, such as your logo, colours and even work-wear, will be a critical part of your business’s identity, and should be consistent across your website and all platforms. When choosing your colours and designs it may be beneficial to seek professional assistance. Alternatively, if your budget doesn’t allow for this, you can look into a range of resources that may prove helpful. There are numerous helpful books on the subject, with a review of ‘Designing Brand Identity’ on Medium rightfully calling this the "bible" of branding. Or if you tend to be more of visual learner, there are also entire courses on YouTube designed to teach you how to develop a visual brand. However you go about the process though, remember to aim for a clear identity that draws attention and makes a clean, appealing impression.

Online Presence

With the prominence of online marketing and social media today, it’s essential to acknowledge that these are your most lucrative assets in terms of promotion. The stronger your online presence, the more recognisable your brand becomes –– even in construction (which many wouldn't think of as a particularly "online" business). That said, you may find that for the construction industry, Facebook presents a better promotional stage than, say, Instagram. Facebook caters well to localised customer bases and service providers, whilst Instagram currently offers a more suitable platform for consumer products and national/global sales. As far as what and when to post, we covered this subject in a prior article on ‘How to Grow Your Trade Through Social Media’.

Consistency & Clear Messaging

It is also important to maintain consistent. Whether through marketing efforts, your provision of services, or your standards, your customers will build trust with you if you demonstrate continuity. In marketing, it’s recommended that your visual components and design elements remain the same alongside the message you wish to convey through your business. Your messaging needs to be clear and precise to make it easier for your potential customers to understand. And here as with building brand identity there are numerous resources you can tap into for further education –– with Donald Miller's book "Building A Story Brand" having become something of a definitive resource on the subject. Scribd describes Miller’s book as one that teaches readers “how to dramatically improve how they connect with customers and grow their business." It does so by conveying how to simplify messaging, among other things –– a strategy that will also help you to develop consistency and clarity.

Engagement/Relationship Management

Finally, remember to focus on managing relationships! Customers want to know who they’re buying from, and that means they want to get to know you. Responding promptly and politely to all comments and queries (especially those that are in the public domain) will stand you in good stead from the outset as these are key factors that potential and existing customers will remember. On the other hand, negative interactions will harm your brand and business. eCommerce Age detailed the loss of revenue UK companies face as a result of neglecting to engage with their customers, and made clear that the negative impact can be severe. So take the time to get involved and make yourself known as someone who cares and is responsive.

 Take all of these strategies into account, and you'll be able to set your construction brand up as a strong competitor.


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