You only have one body

The Human Body takes a beating every day. Walking, standing, kneeling, lifting…

Every day we place strain on our bodies that if not properly cared for can result in long lasting damage and injury.

Recoil360 Technology

The Recoil Kneepad utilises our unique Recoil360™ Technology, which is scientifically proven, by The University of Strathclyde, to reduce peak pressures on the knee by up to a staggering 76% (Riches, 2014).

Our 6-spring suspension system makes our kneepad design unique and is what differentiates us from other knee pad brands. Our Recoil360™ Technology absorbs initial kneeling impact when your knee hits the ground. With 6 points of contact between your knee and the ground our spring system will then ensure the pressure on your knee is more evenly spread across the whole knee joint rather than being focused on one central point as you would experience if wearing no knee pads.

Get Pivoting

In addition, the 6-spring system will support your full joint as you move across the floor through the pivoting abilities offered by using a 6-spring circular arrangement. When in use, the flat outer grip pad remains stable on the ground while the curved inner polymer and foam chassis pivot and adjust through the spring arrangement.

Our technology is based upon the idea of a car suspension system; with the aim of reducing kneeling pressure, easing movement and increasing user comfort.

Riches, D. P. (2014). A comparison of knee pad designs on knee pressure during kneeling.