Floorlayers Review of Recoil Knee Pads

Floorlayers Review of Recoil Knee Pads

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"The first time I tested them out over an 8 hour day shift, this is where I was blown away!"


David Russell is a Floor Coverings Instructor for CP Assessments and a floor layer for 23 years. David purchased a set of our knee pads back in April 2018. He has kindly written a review about his experience after using them for 5 months and this is what he had to say.



"When I first received my pair of recoil knee pads I didn’t hesitate to try them out (in my sad life this is exciting times.)

The first thing I noticed was that they were limited on how tight I could get either of the elasticated straps, however I continued adjustments but when I knelt down I noticed that this didn’t matter too much, they were comfortable and stayed in place. 


The first impact they felt amazing, really superior to knee pads I was previously wearing, as you still have tilt movement without need of lifting your knee up, and they are genuinely comfortable.

When moving about at first it was a little awkward but I kept on with them and am now finding them easy and constantly comfortable.

One thing I changed along the way was to cris cross the straps at the back of my leg, this kept them away from the back of the joint (irritating spot) and tight enough to keep them in place, for a floorlayer this is really vital.


I have been using them for a few months now and have tried them whilst fitting resilient floors and also carpet. 

Now as when fitting carpet, your movement of the knees considerably increases and also using the knee kicker, I found this slightly awkward. So I would say these are more suited to hard flooring installers.


The first time I tested them out over an 8 hour day shift, this is where I was blown away! my knees (not the best condition) didn’t feel like they usually do, aching and stiff, they felt absolutely fine, I just wish I had these years ago.

The recoil system really works isolating you from the surface, keeping cold hard surfaces away from the joint and giving you pivotal movement. When I read they reduce the knee pressure by 76% I didn’t really believe this to be honest, but after vigorous testing I can say I’m a firm believer.

They have replacement inner ergonomic pads available too.


I’m now 40 years old a history with knee problems, having surgery on my right knee twice, so they are now more delicate than the average knee.

I have realised over the years you really have to take care of the knees as they will cause you discomfort, pain, life long problems, if you don’t look after them of course, and not forgetting time off work & money.

So if I can offer any advice look after your knee from the start, and Recoil are a great place to start!


Would I recommend them? Definitely yes, I truly believe that these are great value for money and great protection for your knees, and they will also stand the test of time, a fantastic quality product!!!

Kind regards

David Russell"

Thank you to David for his in-depth review.

You can get in touch with David by emailing him at david@dlflooring.co.uk if you'd like to chat with him further about the knee pads or his Assessment Centre in Doncaster - CP Assessments. Here is a link to their website


Check out the knee pads and some more reviews below. 


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