Top 3 Tips when it comes to putting down laminate flooring in your home!

Top 3 Tips when it comes to putting down laminate flooring in your home!

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A New DIY Year is here!

 2021 may not be kicking off in the way we expected, but it does offer the opportunity to complete those DIY jobs you’ve been putting off for a while. This month we’re offering you our Top 3 Tips when it comes to putting down laminate flooring in your home!

DIY enthusiasts

 Laminate flooring installation can be accomplished by anyone from DIY beginners to professionals, and can be completed in a matter of hours! To make life even easier we’ve got some installation tips that will help you achieve renovation greatness.

 So, let’s get to it!

TIP 1 :

Always start laying flooring AWAY from the wall. Your room’s walls may not be straight and as such, using the wall as a starting point could leave you with some wonky flooring!

We recommend you start at least the width of one floor piece away from the wall. If you do decide to start at installing at a wall, start on the wall that has the most doorways. It’s a lot easier starting at a doorway than finishing at one!

TIP 2:

Laminate flooring expands and contracts based on a rooms humidity and temperature. Regardless of the thickness or appearance of the laminate design you have chosen you must set the flooring out in your room of installation choice for 2 to 3 days.

This will allow for the flooring to adjust to the environment of the room and won’t change during installation!

TIP 3: 

Be careful of heavy furniture on laminate flooring!

Carrying on from point 2, you should also be cautious of the furniture which will be on your new flooring. Heavy furniture can end up ‘pinning down’ the laminate wood, causing it to push up when it expands and contracts.

Making furniture uneven and the whole setting of the room a little skewed.

 Finally, it’s our duty to ensure you think of protecting yourself when putting down flooring! Laminate installation can take at least 3 to 4 hours for a beginner, causing strain and pressure on your knees.

What’s more wearing hard capped kneepads can lead to scores and marks on your brand-new flooring. Protect yourself and your hard work with our Recoil Kneepads and Recoil floor covers.  Perfect for any surfaces and reduces knee pressure by 76%!


Good luck with all your new home additions and be sure to send any pictures you want to showcase to our Instagram (@recoilkneepads) – we’d love to see them!

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