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I have just tiled a 220 square meter floor whilst wearing Recoil Kneepads, and after 16 days of constant use I had no knee pain whatsoever (which any tiler will tell you is unheard of!)

Ben Shotter - www.benshottertiling.com

They are without doubt the most comfortable knee pads I have used. Being a floor layer, I have tried multiple sets in my lifetime, but Recoil Kneepads are the only ones that work properly.

Barry Leonard

They are a quality, professional product. They fit comfortably and unlike others I've tried, they don't slip. Most importantly, they spread the pressure evenly across the knee joint.

Michael Boustead

How Recoil started

Find out how Victoria developed Recoil Kneepads from a family dinner conversation (which involved several complaints from Dad, although thankfully Vicky was listening to this one...)


Recoil Blog


7 professional's that MUST need to wear knee pads...surely?

You might be doing more damage than you think. If you are any of the 7 professionals in this article, seriously consider protecting your knees...



Why Tilers love Recoil Kneepads.

We've been speaking to our customers a lot recently. Some of them have been tilers. We'd like to share what they have had to say about their jobs and how Recoil Kneepads have helped them.



Reflecting on the 'life' challenges along the way

From raising money, dealing with doubters and your first unsatisfied customer...Victoria discusses the trials and tribulations of starting a business...


Recoil Team


The brains behind it all, Victoria is the Founder and Inventor of Recoil Knee Pads. 


Spreading the word far and wide, Tall Paul is our Customer Experience Manager.  


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