"NOT wearing knee pads was a terrible mistake..."

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My dad has been a joiner since the age of 15. Full of confidence and equip with an injury free body, he got stuck in to his new job and has become the excellent craftsmen that he is.

Fast forward to today, and as you'd expect, he isn't the 15 year old lad he used to be (although definitely still as immature so my mum tells me.) His body has been put through it's paces and is starting to feel the consequences of a labour intensive career. His biggest regret? Not wearing kneepads from day 1.  

If you work on your knees, then you'll know how painful it can be to be on them without wearing a good set of kneepads. The 
biggest mistake made in the construction industry is not teaching the importance of knee protection. When you are young and inexperienced, you might feel invincible.
"I can use knee pads when my knees start hurting..."
I can hear time-tested trade workers shaking their heads already.
"I thought the same, but regret that decision...if I'd have worn them earlier, I wouldn't be in this sort of pain" you might say. 
If you are fortunate enough to have healthy knees, the decisions you make now will affect you for years to come, so think about what your future self might thank you for.

Hard hats and steel toe caps are mandatory on site, however knee pads aren't. Because of this issue, there are now thousands of men and woman with serious, irreversible knee damage, that can and has lead to knee surgery or complete knee replacement. You wouldn't have to suffer this much doing most other jobs, so why should you have to suffer - especially if there are knee pads and personal protective equipment out there that can protect you and help prevent extremely painful injuries.

David Thomson, one of our followers has been speaking to us for a while about our knee pads and the terrible ordeal he has been through with his knees.

We've spoke about why kneepads should be MANDATORY and David agrees. He has had to have several surgeries on his knees and unfortunately had to give up his job as a joiner.
David said: 

"Hey guys, it's me again. Im also waiting to get my right knee surgically opened to release the fluid because I've got so much cartilage damage it couldn't be drained, now my left knee is going.
I'm living proof, that you should wear knee pads from apprentice stage. It's too late for me right enough.

It should be mandatory for employers to give their apprentices knee pads so they get used to them. The same was true with seatbelts, people didn't bother to wear them, they didn't realise how much a seatbelt protects you until too late. But look, we all wear them now because it has been made mandatory. Knee pads should be part of P.P.E. by law. It must cost the NHS millions to sort our knees , why is this not classed as an industrial injury."


We have had similar conversations with one of our customers Colin, who is a Flooring Installer. 
Colin said:

"You have invented a product which eases knee issues with people like myself who have already damaged themselves to some extent but these will really help young people either starting out or relatively early in their careers."


We didn't make these for profit. Recoil Kneepads were made for my dad, because he suffers with knee pain, so it was so important to me that we made a product that works. Safety, pressure reduction, stability and comfort were the priorities when engineering these kneepads. Thankfully my dad loves them, and many more of our customers now love them too. 


If you are interested in purchasing a set of Recoil Kneepads then you can do so by clicking the link below. 

We have a 30 day money back guarantee if you decide that the knee pads aren't for you. We will first make sure that we have tried everything we can to solve your issue, but if we can't we will refund you. We will even recommend a set of our competitors knee pads if we believe that they are more suitable for your requirements. We just want to make you happy. Thank you for reading.


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