Housemaids Knee and the Importance of Knee pads

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Ever had a sore knee after a long day at work and not known what it is? Unfortunately this is an all too common occurrence for people who work in the construction industry. Here's what may be causing you pain.

What is housemaids knee?

It is also known as prepatellar bursitis. At the front of the kneecap, there is a capsule or a sac that is filled with fluid. This is called a Bursa. Sometimes, this sac can become inflamed and this is what is known as Housemaids knee. The main symptoms of this is swelling and pain on the kneecap and it can also be hot and red.

What are the common causes?

The most common cause of housemaids knee is repetitive pressure being placed on the knee. Other causes are things such as a blow to the knee, arthritis or gout.


Sometimes with Housemaids knee, there may be infection. In this case, the patient will feel unwell and may have a fever. If this occurs, it is important to go and see your doctor and get a course of antibiotics. If not, the advised treatment is ice packs, rest and pain killers. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), such as ibuprofen, can be taken for mild to moderate pain caused by housemaid's knee, they will also help to reduce inflammation. You should still go and see your Doctor who may refer you to Physiotherapy. The physiotherapist will give you exercises to prevent housemaids knee coming back again and to help you release some of the pressure and get rid of the pain.

It is strongly advised that if you wish to prevent this from happening to you, use proper knee protection. Make sure you do lots of research into what kind of knee protection to buy. Some knee protection provides more comfort while others are designed to provide protection and prevent things like housemaids knee. It is also advised that you take regular breaks from your work. You may want to get the job done quicker but your health isn't worth the risk.  

Go to see your doctor and never leave it too late. Wear knee protection and take it seriously!

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