Specialist Tiler

I did a sponsored walk a few years ago and had to be picked up and took home 3 days into the trip because my knee had swollen up and was causing me worrying amounts of pain

As you can imagine, this is really worrying for someone in their late 20s... I've worn Recoil Kneepads every week since November last year and although they are covered in tile adhesive and looking a bit battered, they still work perfectly! 

I'm no longer fretting about the future as I really feel that if I make sure I wear the pads then my knees will be fine.


Specialist Tiler

Firstly they are an absolute God send! My knees are ruined from playing rugby and my old knee pads were leaving me in bits come the weekend after a week working on them, but your Recoil Kneepads are something else.

I've had the pleasure of using the Recoil Kneepads for a few months now and every time it leaves me feeling like I've not been on my knees at all, no redness, no soreness, no aches or pains when getting up off them.

Definitely onto something good guys! Keep it up! I was telling Paul via Twitter that they must be good as my work mate who is TIGHT even bought a pair after I let him try mine on for a morning!


Flat Roofer

Been in the roofing industry for 30+ years. Thought I'd give recoil knee pads a go because in that time I had yet to find a pair of pads that have not hurt my knees, but the Recoil have been a pleasant surprise that there is no pain.

I kept thinking when are they going to start hurting, but they just didn't, it's like a shock absorber for your knee which is amazing, and the spring stopped tipping over because they pivot. I wouldn't buy anything else now...

I've just ordered another pair because there so good. Finally a pad that actually works!