The Perfect gift for a Gardener this Summer...

Recoil Knee Pads (Pair)

Protecting your knees whilst you're Gardening!




    Gardening has never been so comfortable...

    The fulfilment from gardening is fruitful, however there is no denying the strain it can put on your body...

    It's time your gardening became less of a chore, and more of a pleasure. Don't let knee pain get in the way of nurturing your botanical sanctuary.




    • TAKE THE PRESSURE OFF YOUR KNEES. With our unique Recoil 360° suspension system, we engineered our kneepads to ensure you get the best possible protection we can offer.
    • SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN. With the University of Strathclyde, we tested our kneepads and the results showed that you get a 76% reduction of pressure on your knees to protect against knee injuries.
    • A SECURE AND COMFORTABLE FIT. Our super soft elastic straps and knee hugging foam will secure your kneepads in place and cushion your knees for hours of comfortable kneeling no matter what the surface.
    • USE THEM ON THE JOB OR AROUND THE HOUSE. Whether you are an industrial floor layer who lays heavy duty materials or are an avid DIY and gardening enthusiast, our durable, non-marking floor protector can withstand almost any surface type you kneel on.
    • BACKED BY OUR RECOIL GUARANTEE. At Recoil, we take pride in the quality of our kneepads. That means, if you have any issues with your set we will make it right by providing a solution or offering a refund.