Recoil Knee Pads ™

Recoil Knee Pads ™

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Scientifically Proven to reduce damaging knee pressure by 76%

    Long lasting comfort and protection on all surface types

     6 spring RECOIL suspension allows unlimited range of motion

    Soft, Durable Elastic Straps that decrease the risk of chaffing

    Thick, Comforting, Ergonomic Foam which hugs the knee to stay in place

    30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARUNTEE - if you don't like them you'll get your money back, no matter how dirty they are.


    "Research was conducted with the Biomedical Engineering Department of The University of Strathclyde which confirmed that Recoil Kneepads reduce pressure on the knee joint by 76%, which when compared against competitors kneepads was a 20% improvement on the current kneepads available. The research also confirmed that Recoil Kneepads spread the pressure evenly across the knee which further protects against knee damage caused by prolonged kneeling." - Research Paper


    EN 14404: 2004 + A1: 2010 Accredited Knee Pads.

    Type 1 Level 2:
    "Level 2 Knee protectors suitable for use on flat or non-flat floor surfaces and providing protection against penetration at a force of at least (250 + 10) N.


    • EVA Foam
    • Thermoplastic Polyurethane
    • ANL100 Polyamide
    • Stainless Steel


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 22 reviews
    Brilliant product

    Purchased for renovating a new flat I had just bought. Used them for tasks such as lifting the carpets, laying some new laminate, painting some skirting boards. Fab product that made DIY tasks so much easier. Would highly recommend.

    Highly recommended by this professional joiner

    I bought the Knee Pads for my husband, who is a professional joiner. This is his review.

    "Three years ago I stopped undertaking flooring projects due to knee pain diagnosed as medial meniscus damage, probably caused by a long history of running, climbing mountains and, significantly, having to spend a lot of time kneeling at work. Unfortunately, my work as a joiner necessitates considerable periods kneeling on floors, so I have tried to look after my knees by wearing work trousers featuring knee pockets for slip-in foam pads. However, these are hot and uncomfortable and the pads rapidly become squashed and ineffective. Strap-on pads are better, but again, the material soon gets compressed. I also resorted to kneeling on old cushions.

    Recoil Pads. The Recoil pads are bulky and of moderate weight, so I do not use them for jobs requiring less than 5 minute kneeling time.
    However, for extended use, such as bathroom installation with hard ceramic floor tiles, and outdoor jobs on rough concrete, they have proved to be very effective. Specifically, the modular design and combination of materials isolates the body superbly from any hard surface, and the recoil springs assist in movement and when standing up.

    Recommendation. With age and maturity we realise that our bodies are not as resilient as we may wish, and as tradesmen, we should look after ourselves better. These Recoil units offer excellent knee protection for joiners, tilers, floor-layers, plumbers and anyone else who has to spend time on their knees. Highly recommended."

    Hi Rachel, Please thank your husband for such a great review - and thank you for buying a set for him. I hope he continues to benefit from wearing his kneepads. Kindest regards, Paul
    Recoil Knee Pads UK

    Only worn a couple of times - seem really good so far. Could do with a bit more velcro for fastening a bit tighter.

    Hi Anna, thank you for your review, I'm glad you like your kneepads. We will make sure that we get some extra velcro on the straps for future products. In the mean time, if you wanted to extend the velcro yourself, some of our customers have bought some extra from a store and sewn it on to the straps. They said that worked really well for them. I hope this helps and thank you again for the review. You are more than welcome to get in touch anytime. - Paul
    Finally The Rolls Royce Of Kneepads !!

    Our company Diamondshine Polished Concrete Pty Ltd runs a crew of 5 guys that in a calendar year would do kilometres of edgework .. Something had to happen to make my guys life on their knee's better and it has with Recoil pads !!

    My guys are so happy now that they are getting real comfort in spending what at sometimes can be days working our edges !!

    Well done they are a miracle !!

    Amazing Barton, thank you so much for your review! I hope you and your team in Sydney continue to benefit from wearing your kneepads at work.
    The dogs

    Only had them a couple of weeks in one word fantastic 12 hour shift doing screeding and fitting Amtico on a normal shift would feel like like giving work up but not wearing these . Although same old with sliding down the legs but used a couple of old straps and attached them to my belt looks stupid but they don’t slip down anymore lol great product looking at the reviews and the reactions of the team am looking forward to seeing the changes that are made to make a great product even better keep up the good work guys tradesmen all over will be working longer and pain free and wishing they had came along earlier

    Amazing stuff John and thank you for your review. That's great to hear you made your own customisations to make them work for you. It's difficult getting a strap system that everyone will be happy with so it might be that making them customisable becomes something we do in future. Please do keep in touch to let us know how you get on with them and we hope that you continue to get the most out of them!