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My name is Vicky and I am the founder of Recoil Knee Pads and VH Innovation Ltd. When I started VH Innovation Ltd back in September 2013 I started writing a blog about the adventures of starting a business as a young, nieve, uni grad, with no experience in business start-up whatsoever. As VH Innovation has grown, and now become known as Recoil Knee Pads, we moved to a new website and my old blogs became a distant memory. However, in recent months, I have had a lot of other entrepreneurs come to me looking for insight and advice on what life was like in the early days of Recoil. 

I love to help people. I spend a lot of time volunteering and supporting charity initiatives such as SmartSTEMs and Young Enterprise. In response to the requests I've had, I've added this section to our website, which shares some of the early blogs and stories. I have two aims for this part of our site:

  • To encourage others with their entrepreneurial journey 
  • To share our stories and provide valuable insight into the highs and lows

Life hasn't always been rosy on the entrepreneurial journey, it's been filled of exhilarating highs and also devastating lows. These blogs provide my insights and share some of the experiences I have had so that others can hopefully learn from them and be spurred on in their entrepreneurial journey.

So, please enjoy! I hope they are of benefit!

Vicky :) x


Taken from October 2013 - The first Chapter

''We initially started writing a blog using wordpress back in October, but as things got underway with the knee pad development the blogging sadly took a back seat. However, our friends from fellow start-up, Cojengo Ltd, from The Strathclyde University Enterprise Hub have been blogging away on a monthly basis for months now, and it occurred to us it would actually be a nice way to keep track of progress and provide a story of the product development. 

So, starting with a quick overview of the company – VH Innovation Ltd is a product development business based in Glasgow. We were formed as a limited company in September 2013 as a result of our founder’s (Victoria Hamilton) design project from her final year design project at Strathclyde University. Victoria began this project in September 2012, when her father, a joiner, came home from work complaining of sore knees. He talked of the problems many tradespeople, specifically joiners and floor layers have with their knees simply as a result of their occupation and how current knee pads are limited in terms of comfort and protection.

Victoria entered both the Scottish Institute for Enterprise’s Young Innovators Challenge Competition in 2013, and also The Santander Universities Entrepreneurship Awards. Between these two competitions, she won a total of £55,000 to invest in setting up her business.

The company was officially formed in September 2013, and since then has been based within The Strathclyde Entrepreneurial Networks Enterprise Hub at Strathclyde University. Since September the business has reached a number of milestones including; filing of a patent for the innovative force reduction technology used within the design, undertaking a pressure distribution analysis with the BioEngineering department at Strathclyde University, and employing our first employee.

The next steps are to finalise the detail design, set up our manufacture supply chain, and most importantly - get some orders!!! So please keep an eye on this space for future updates and information as we drive this product through from idea to commercialisation!

The VH Innovation Team''


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