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My name is Vicky and I am the founder of Recoil Knee Pads and VH Innovation Ltd. When I started VH Innovation Ltd back in September 2013 I started writing a blog about the adventures of starting a business as a young, nieve, uni grad, with no experience in business start-up whatsoever. As VH Innovation has grown, and now become known as Recoil Knee Pads, we moved to a new website and my old blogs became a distant memory. However, in recent months, I have had a lot of other entrepreneurs come to me looking for insight and advice on what life was like in the early days of Recoil. 
I love to help people. I spend a lot of time volunteering and supporting charity initiatives such as SmartSTEMs and Young Enterprise. In response to the requests I've had, I've added this section to our website, which shares some of the early blogs and stories. I have two aims for this part of our site:
  • To encourage others with their entrepreneurial journey 
  • To share our stories and provide valuable insight into the highs and lows
Life hasn't always been rosy on the entrepreneurial journey, it's been filled of exhilarating highs and also devastating lows. These blogs provide my insights and share some of the experiences I have had so that others can hopefully learn from them and be spurred on in their entrepreneurial journey.
So, please enjoy! I hope they are of benefit!
Vicky :) x


Taken from August 2016

You will often see us posting about how proud we are of the fact that all of our kneepads are made in Scotland but you might have wondered what is the big deal?

Something I love about our start-up is the fact that we are using a local manufacturer to manufacture our product here in the UK. There are numerous social benefits in addition to the business benefits we have found from manufacturing locally. Starting with the business benefits: by manufacturing locally, the main benefit is that we can maintain control over quality and ensure each product is rigorously checked for quality at all stages of the production process. This was crucial with our first batch of product; as they say, 'First impressions last a lifetime'. Although it may be slightly more costly than manufacturing overseas, in the early days of a start-up, having a manufacturer 40 minutes away from your office is something we would still highly recommend. It increases your control over quality, reduces your costs of development in terms of time spent and travel costs, and also increases your control over protecting your idea from being copied or ripped off. 

In addition to the business benefits, I personally believe that every business should exist for a reason more than just pure profit! By purchasing Recoil Kneepads you are in turn benefiting the UK economy, and maintaining local peoples livelihoods and ensuring skills in these sectors remain in existence within our home territory. Injection moulding companies are a dying breed in Scotland and our manufacturer is one of the last about. Helping to support a company of such importance is key to the ideologies and business culture we look to impose. 

In June 2015, when I secured the £65,000 required to set up manufacture, my personal belief was that money was awarded to Recoil by the Scottish economy and therefore should be reinvested into growing that economy so that funding competitions such as EDGE remain in existence. It is a personal and moral belief i hold highly.

I am exceptionally proud of our decision to manufacture locally. It has proven well to date. It is an important decision that I would recommend any young start-up consider wisely before making a decision on where they manufacture.

We recently went and visited our factory near Edinburgh and filmed the visit for our first Vlog on our Youtube channel. Check it out here:


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